For the LOVE of Gifting

I find there is always a good reason to give a gift. 

Whether it be a holiday, a birthday, a special event, or a surprise for someone you’re thinking about, there is no better way to show your appreciation than through gift giving. Receiving a thoughtful gift from someone is definitely going to be the highlight of our day, but I think we can all agree that the best feeling in the world isn’t the receiving part, but the act of gift giving itself. The thought of a smile on someone’s face as they open a gift you chose just for them, it’s priceless. The warm and wholesome nature of gift giving is really what makes it special and it is an important part of our lives, after all, actions do speak louder than words. 

When Yiayia (aka Desi’s Mum) would have visitors, or go out to visit someone, she would never be without her homemade Greek sweets and Almond Bread in hand to share. So, this tradition lives on in our gifts, and we believe it is important to maintaining strong connections, showing gratitude and gift giving can be seen as a token of appreciation. That’s why we’re always excited to make our Almond Bread, because we know that every ribbon we tie, every flavour we pack, is all for the love of gifting. At Green Whisk, we live for the art of creating and packaging our handcrafted gifts, filled with delicious, precious, traditional food that comes from our home to yours. We have various gifting options that pair our Almond Bread & flavoured breads with other local products that help enhance your experience. 

Our packaging has been designed using an earthy aesthetic in a simplistic way, that we feel helps makes for genuine gift packaging. Everyone wants their gift to look just perfect, and we take pride in how our packaging looks, and being so pedantic at the time of packing & making sure the ribbon looks just right. Because it’s all about the presentation and small details here at Green Whisk, and we know that’s what most look for in a gift.

Desi found in the first year of baking Almond Bread that they proved to be a very popular product at markets, especially around the end of the year, that for her Almond Bread has always been connected to Christmas. This was a very popular time of year for gifting, where everyone was looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones and that’s where the idea first came from to create gifts and hampers using our Almond Bread & flavoured breads as the star. Now, we’ve created a reputation not just for delicious, homemade Almond Bread & flavoured breads but also for having an extensive gift range that can be enjoyed no matter what the season, or reason.   

If you need to send a gift, but don’t have the luxury of time, take comfort in knowing that the Green Whisk products and gift range can be purchased online and be sent directly to anywhere, Australia wide. You even have the option to attach a gift card to suit your occasion to personalise the gift for that special someone. When you choose a gift from Green Whisk, you know that it’s been lovingly made & curated by Desi herself and that you are getting a quality Australian product from a small business owner.

What’s your reason to gift today?

June 19, 2023 — Despina D'Agostino
Tags: gifting