How it started?

Growing up in a Greek family meant that baking was an essential part of every Easter, Christmas, or family occasion to share amongst family and friends. There wasn’t a moment where Desi’s mum (known as Yiayia) wasn’t baking Greek sweets to share and give whenever family came over or when she was visiting family and friends.

With Desi now married with two gorgeous children and living in Melbourne, the tradition lives on. It all started when those who received Desi’s platters filled with Greek cakes and her mother inlaws fruit cake, gave thanks and praise one Christmas back in 2016, and especially when Desi added Almond Bread for the first time in her platters. It was the gratitude and thankfulness of friends, teachers, neighbours, and work colleagues that sparked a fire in Desi.

Almond Bread has been a sweet Yiayia has been making for as long as Desi can remember and was thrilled to hear so many people tell her how much they’d enjoyed it. Many had never seen Almond Bread before, being a European treat, it tends to only be sold in continental delis, or shared around European households therefore not many people have had the chance to try them. Until now.

“It was something light and crunchy that you could have guilt-free and with your daily coffee”.

Being a loud and proud “coffee snob” if you will, you can imagine how much Desi liked the idea that visiting cafés and avoiding dense, creamy, rich is sugar cakes and treats, you could have something light and crunchy that still hits the spot, without feeling guilty later.

“How cool would it be to have a stand at a café where people can grab some Almond Bread to enjoy with their coffee?”

Desi’s passion for coffee, believe it or not, was the reason Green Whisk is here today and it all started in January 2016. Desi turned around to her husband after having a new coffee machine installed at home and said: “How great would it be to start a business selling Almond Bread?” Not realising the impact his next words was going to have in Desi’s life, her husband just said, “Yeah sure go for it.”

And the rest is history. By August of that same year she had done all her research on how to start a business and spoke to as many people she could in the industry for advice, until she was ready to test the market.

So off she went in the family car to Mulgrave Farmers Market after multiple attempts setting up her stall in the back yard to make sure things looked good and went to plan. Desi was over joyed to see people stopping to sample her products she put her heart into making, buying them but most importantly coming back month after month. As it got closer to Christmas, being the crafty person she is, Desi experimented with packaging and creating gift ideas using the Almond Bread as the hero. This became the light bulb moment.

As time went on Desi created new flavours and combinations to suit many people’s preferences and their intolerances. One customer at a market mentioned the idea of making a flavour that didn’t include nuts or fruit, hence the birth of the flavour Turmeric and Seeds flavoured bread, and soon after came Coconut flavoured bread. Being amongst so many friends who were intolerant in one way or another and better understanding the importance of allergies in food, Desi was even more determine to create a range for not just the majority, but for the minority who she knew were even more investing in new products they also would like to enjoy.

Desi stands firm around creating a gluten free range and ensuring the highest importance of staying gluten free no matter the products she creates now or in the future. Giving customers the reassurance that gluten free at Green Whisk means safe for those who are coeliac as well.

Family has been a big part of Green Whisk, whether it being her kids or husband helping [dragged] to markets or be the taste testers (by far their favourite job) for new flavours Desi trials. They’re stamp of approval means the world to Desi as it’s what she so passionate about. She couldn’t have done it without their support from the day the idea was born. Her children were old enough to see how an idea with a lot of hard work, determination and passion can turn into whatever you make of it. Desi hopes that they draw from this experience in business and in life that anything is possible, when you take that first step.

Green Whisk prides themselves on creating delicious Almond Bread which happens to be gluten free, but what elevates them is not only the variety of flavours they offer but the range of gifts they create that compliment their range that has such a homey, relaxing, carefree vibe. Desi is an advocate for taking the time to stop, breath and relax, which she works towards each and every day.

Her crafty side comes out when creating her gift range or creating corporate branding for customers to infuse their colours, logos into creating something wholesome and memorable incorporating her handmade Almond Bread and flavoured breads to suite customers’ needs and wants.

Desi is someone who constantly needs to be held back. She’s forever coming up with things to do with her business that she literally has a team that needs to hold her back and remind her to focus on what’s in front of her. She’s so passionate about her business that we're excited to see where she takes Green Whisk in the near future.


Our promise

  • We will always act with high integrity through honesty, fairness and accountability.
  • We will build strong relationships with customers that show we listen and care.
  • We will use only the freshest and simplest ingredients you’ll find at home.
  • We are passionate about what we do and our passion is infectious.

Our vision

handmade + delicious = Creating a brand that everyone wants a piece of.

my mum Katarina who loves to bake
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"Coffee has been my inspiration, introduced to coffee in my early 30s, its now become a love affair… twice a day."