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Options we offer...

We offer 3 types of packaging/sizes that are perfect for retail settings:

  • Single Serves 35g
  • Brown Bags 100-125g
  • Variety Packs 210g


Single Serves 35g

Available in our 6 flavours, these small packs each have a minimum of 5 slices. It's the perfect amount to either grab and go or to enjoy there and then.

The single serves are sealed to ensure no cross contamination and the clear bags help showcase the quality ingredients, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. We supply a stand, so the product remains visible and the risk of breakage is reduced. It's ideal for a countertop or store shelf.

When placed with our brown bag package range, customers can see exactly what their getting in the larger sizes which will support their decision in which size best suits their needs and wants.

Our single serves are great for fruit and veg stores where they can be placed at the register, in cafes near the coffee machine and continental delis who offer artisan produce that makes for perfect entertaining. They're also perfect for including in hampers and gift boxes.


Brown Bags 100g-125g

Our larger serves we call 'brown bags', and they're available in all 6 flavours. Each brown bag flavour has the same number of slices. Their total weight range between 100g-125g due to some flavours not having nuts. These packs are more economical for customers to buy.


Variety Packs 210g

Each Variety Pack includes 6 single serves, one of each flavour (35g each - 210g total weight for Variety Pack). Our compact gift box is packaged in our eco friendly packaging finished with our signature ribbon - so it's ready to go as a gift for any occasion. Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas are when they come out to shine.


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A shout out to all Hamper Businesses

Customers will be thrilled to receive any one of our flavours, in a gift box or at an event. Our products can be paired with any items to make up a lovely hamper that will be enjoyed.

Because our Almond Bread and flavoured breads taste delicious AND don't have any dairy or gluten in them, it makes it easier for you when having to curate that perfect gift while being considerate of any dietary requirements. 

We have been lucky enough to work with some wonderful businesses here in Melbourne and interstate. They're great supporters of small business. 

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     variety packs wholesale page

    35g Single Serves in a variety of flavours



    Here are just a few businesses we've worked with that have incorporated our range into their curated hampers.

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    For any event where we can provide that finishing touch, paired with a creamy cheese, gourmet condiments or simply served with a tea or coffee, we’re here to help.

    Our mini size Almond Bread and flavoured breads are available in small and large catering packs. Offering a not so sweet, crunchy, light and guilt free option when paired with rich and indulgent foods on grazing tables, and because they're gluten free, they tick a popular dietary requirement.

    We offer 2 sizes in our catering packs from as little as 64 slices to 320 slices, in our 3 popular flavours (Classic Almond, Cranberry and Pistachio, Choc Hazelnut)

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