I don’t know about you, but I love visiting cafes’, no matter which state I’m in, the thought of taking time out to enjoy my coffee with friends or family, just seems like the perfect lifestyle. But like many of us, drinking tea or coffee on it's own just isn’t enough, we crave a little something extra.

That's exactly what our range offers. The perfect crunch, sweetness, satisfaction that hits the spot, not leaving you feeling you've missed out. Have we mentioned their all gluten free!

Our brown bags range between 100g - 125g. Great size for grocers, continental deli's and cafes offering artisan products in store, giving customer a more economical way to buy.

Our 35g single serves come with a stand, so you can show them off on the counter, plus reduces handling and breakage.


For any event where we can provide that finishing touch, paired with a creamy cheese, gourmet condiments or simply served with a tea or coffee, we’re here to help.

Our mini size Almond Bread and flavoured breads are available in small and large catering packs. Offering a not so sweet, crunchy, light and guilt free option when pairing with rich and indulgent foods on grazing tables for instance, or that perfect placed slice with a tea or coffee at an event. And because they're gluten free, they tick a popular dietary requirement.

We offer 2 sizes in our catering packs from as little as 64 slices to 320 slices, in our 3 popular flavours (Classic Almond, Cranberry and Pistachio, Choc Hazelnut)

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